Inside the DfE

With unprecedented access to the corridors of power, 'inside the DfE' takes you to the heart of the department of education. Follow the exploits of Dennis Humble along with his superior, Sir Clive Jackal as they shape the world of education policy.  

Inside the DfE: The Vault - brainED
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The Vault

Dennis is instructed to develop the minister's  wonderful new initiative. Luckily, Sir Clive has the keys to the department's vault of old ideas. 

Inside the DfE: Pupil Passports - brainED
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Pupil Passports

It's Christmas and the DfE has a Christmas present for all teachers: activity passports! But it's up to Sir Clive and Dennis to write them...oh dear. 

Inside the DfE: Teach for a bit - brainED
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Teach for a bit

Sir Clive reveals the exciting new recruitment video he's just had made reassuring you that teaching definitely isn't for life.  

Inside the DfE: Little Extras - brainED
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Little Extras

Sir Clive and Dennis listen to the Chancellor's budget on the car radio, mind those potholes! 

Inside the DfE: Heads will stroll - brainED
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Heads will stroll

The headteachers are revolting! Sir Clive and Dennis watch on as the protesting headteachers quietly pass by their office. 

Inside the DfE: Extra Funding - brainED
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Extra Funding

Sir Clive helps Dennis work out the numbers to prove that education is better funded today than it's ever been.