Welcome to the staff room, the new edu-comedy from brainED.

In the demanding world of teaching and learning, where can a group of professional and conscientious teachers go to unwind and discuss the educational issues that challenge them each and every day? We've no idea, but if you want to know what really happens during wet play then you've come to the right place:

the staff room. 

The Staff Room E01 - brainED
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E01:'Twas the night before Christmas

It's the day of the staff xmas party and everyone's excited. Except, that is, for the teacher who has been banned from the planning committee. 

The Staff Room E02 - brainED
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E02: The morning after the night before

It's the morning after the staff xmas party and, according to the school's answer machine, someone has a lot of explaining to do. 

The Staff Room E03 - brainED
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E03: In the line of fire

Headteacher, David Crosshatch, is away at a tech fayre leaving the Deputy to run the lesson observations much to the staff's dismay.

The Staff Room E04 - brainED
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E04: The wind that blows

It's a wet and windy day in the staff room - although site manager Bernie Killdare is convinced it's just a rat. Anyway, who's on break duty?

The Staff Room E05 - brainED
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E05: Thelonious Monkton

'Heading for Headship' reporter Jonathan Monkton is visiting the staff room to find out all about David's new invention: the LS-Angel. 

The Staff Room E06 - brainED
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E06: A monk in the hen house

It's the day of the podcast broadcast and David is very keen for all the staff to listen to it together. What could possibly go wrong?

The Staff Room E07 - brainED
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E07: Tsars and strikes

Owen Picket is busy organising the strike in protest over David's LS-Angel. But not everyone seems keen on taking industrial action.